Sukhothai shortlisted in Wallpaper* Best Urban Hotels 2018October 2018

Sukhothai Hotel Shanghai, designed by Neri&Hu, has been shortlisted in Wallpaper* Best Urban Hotels 2018.

Six well-travelled judges including Natasha Jen (Designer and Partner of Pentagram), Fernanda Marques (Architect), Jasmi Bonnén (Beauty Entrepreneur), Cherine Magrabi (Creative Director), Makgati Molebatsi (Art consultant) and Aric Chen (Design Curator), have been chosen to vote for their favourite hotels and the winner will be announced in the Wallpaper* January issue.

The name Sukhothai comes from the 13th century kingdom in north central Thailand, often considered to be the first national "capital" and cradle of Thai heritage. Like its predecessor in Bangkok, the Sukhothai hotel in Shanghai aspires to encapsulate the core essences of Thai culture—a profound spiritual compassion, a refined aesthetic sense, and a deep connection with nature.

In the end, our guiding concept was inspired by a universal condition that defines many dense Asian metropolises such as Shanghai and Bangkok—the sense of fragility and congestion and the desire for a reconnection with nature, for room to breathe and rejuvenate.

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