Muse 2 Club
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Muse 2 Club

Located on the 4th and 5th floor of the newly renovated mall at Hong Kong Plaza, MUSE 2 is a nightclub that boasts a number of luxury karaoke rooms. The club acts as a prime example of the Chinese trend of nightclubs evolving into entertainment houses while still maintaining a wide selection of shows and performances on a regular basis. The interior design is derived from the idea of creating a modern theatre rather than a traditional nightclub so that the overall experience for the patron is a rather blurred relationship between the actor and spectator.

The interior architecture consists of three elements: the “wall,” the “landscape,” and the “floating rooms.” These elements are carefully inserted into the space and as a result keep much of the original raw structure produced through many years of different transformations. The resulting shell acts as both a canvas and a reminder of the rich history of a city that undergoes constant renewal.

A large “lightwall” cuts through the space that serves as both a backdrop for the performers and a division between served and supporting space. This sand-blasted, glass wall comes alive architecturally through precise cuts and the use of transparence, altogether creating the sensation of layers beyond. A similar sensation occurs in the restrooms where toilets enclosed in copper boxes stand amidst a myriad of old, existing structural elements highlighted in green. The configuration is such that curious glances through the structure and boxes reveal an interesting- looking scene of Shanghai nightlife outside.

A terrazzo landscape flows through the whole space, creating both a terraced base for seating by fixing itself in a theatre-like manner with its folded-ledges and the appropriate setting for a performance.

Over the landscape are the VIP karaoke rooms floating throughout the existing structure, enveloped in Cor-Ten steel screens. This volume not only adapts to the original area but also abstracts it through sequences of compressed and released spaces generating a plethora of unique, contrasting experiences: the intimate, the grand, the hidden, and the exposed.

Gross Area
1,700 m²


Completion Date
April 2010

December 2009 – April 2010

Floor 4, Hong Kong Plaza, No. 283, Middle Huaihai Road, Luwan District, Shanghai, China

2010 Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Awards, by IAI Awards, Shanghai, ChinaMuse 2, Best Bar Space Design Award
Perspective Awards 2010, by Perspective Magazine, Hong Kong, China Muse 2, Bar or Restaurant category, Certificate of Excellence