The Lacquered Cocoon -- Muse Club
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The Lacquered Cocoon -- Muse Club

Muse Club occupies three spaces overlooking an atrium in the newly redeveloped Tong Le Fang factories in Shanghai. In a city where new nightclubs abound, muse differentiates itself with a spatial experience unlike any other. Drama is achieved using experiential theater: the insertion of a cocoon, mimicking the symbol of transformation, takes center stage both physically and conceptually. The cocoon serves numerous spatial functions and represents the transformation that every club-hoer secretly desires. Interstitial spaces create pockets which serve as private booths, DJ stations, dining banquettes, and restrooms. This tension between the public and the private reinvigorates the space, offering a rite of passage for the club-goers’ transformation.

Gross Area
1,400 m²


Completion Date
March 2007

January 2006 – March 2007

Tong Le Fang, 68 Yuyao Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China