cologne germany

Date: 19th Jan - 25th Jan, 2015


Memory Lane


“The building blocks of our psychological and emotional lives are the layers of memory that make us who we are. Inevitably and eventually, our spatial existence is defined by the intersection of our physical encounters and those which remain in our memory as shadows that follow our bodies.”


Neri&Hu proposes for the design installation of “Das Haus”at imm cologne 2015 to be an intervention down our personally curated “memory lane”.


Originally conceived from the spatial experience of a typical Shanghainese lane house, the installation begins with a box structure as a formation of "containment as cage", provoking the idea of home as a refuge but at the same time a cage for our possessions and living rituals. A central spine in the form of a solid bridge takes the observer through the various rooms, allowing forced views into the curated settings displayed within these living cages.


As the quest for meaning within the realm of philosophy has since antiquity stemmed from the notion of "home coming", Neri&Hu aims to be provocative and subversive, questioning our preconceived notions of "home", "house", and the objects that occupy these spaces of daily living. Interwoven within and around the memories that occupy a non-physical space (mental, emotional), we hope to bring the audience into a "memory lane" that is at once exploring the future and preserving the past. Ultimately ,we want to create voyeuristic interior experiences which trace, reveal, and challenge personal memories. the idea of home as shelter will be expanded to an ideal dream state, and the interior experience shall be stitched with the simulacrum of phenomenon, fantasy, awakenings, and representations.